Strange Things That Happen In The City

Mr. Manhattan

manhattan club

Alongside my girlfriend visiting her grandmother in New York City, we were leaving the Manhattan Club together (a snazzy time share on 57th Street) after a fine breakfast on the 26th floor.  

As I was heading out when I saw an older man stuffing mints into his duffel bag. He looked a crisp 70 or 80, clean, well-dressed in a nice sweater vest, button-up shirt and slacks.  When I walked past him he said, “Hey, young fella.”

I stopped. “Yes?”

"Want some soap? Shampoo?"

"Um.." He opened his duffel bag to show me a large collection of complementary mini-shampoo, conditioner and body wash. 

"They give this stuff away for free," he said, darting his eyes around. "Smells great."

I nodded and left with my girlfriend.